Back in 2006 I headed off on my first big journey by bike: from Budapest to Istanbul. Equipped with my old mountain bike from my teenage years (which had just one working brake and 8 dodgy gears) and a totally insufficient sleeping bag I rode 2700km through Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria to Istanbul. I had no idea about what incredible nature and beauty I would encounter, the landscapes I would ride through, and I was definitely not prepared for all the friendliness and hospitality I’d experience along the way. This trip changed my thinking and, in the end, the course of my life.

While working as a designer in the car industry I was immersing deeper and deeper into the theory of framebuilding because the bikes I always wanted simply did not yet exist. In 2010I  had the chance to take over a framebuilding workshop and I took the chance, bought all the tools and started to make frames. After a long and steep learning curve I finally had two Chacha bike prototypes in late summer 2012 ready to go on their first big testride. All around the black sea in order to check out if those bikes did what they were supposed to do. After 3500km on our very first Fern bicycles we succesfully reached Istanbul and the dream of my own framebuilding company became finally a reality.

After a couple of years into the business of framebuilding we are now more and more getting into producing parts, components and accessoires in order to share our experience in a more widely accessible way then complete bespoke custom bikes are. Made with the same experience and love to detail, trying to provide the best riding and touring experience for you!

For more info go to the Fern Website and check out our new brand Allygn Components !